Ace® 20lb Premium Ice Melt

Ace® 20lb Premium Ice Melt thumbnail
  • 20 lb. bag
  • Contains 74.4% sodium, 20% magnesium and 5% potassium chloride along with 0.3% MG104, and 0.3% urea blend
  • Melts ice down to -10F/-23C
  • Effectively resists refreezing, reducing the need for additional applications
  • Improved/revised custom blended
  • Doesn’t require gloves or goggles
  • Safe to handle won’t burn skin
  • Won’t harm pets or vegetation when applied as directed
  • Safe on good quality air-entrained concrete that is greater than 1 year old for cold weather climates when applied as directed
  • Reformulated with magnesium chloride for better performance and environmental care